TSW 2022 through the eyes of Thermosad

TSW 2022 – Summary of the Nadarzyn Fair

On 12 and 13 January the horticultural and vegetable trade fairs took place, at which Termosad with its latest offer could not be missing. This two-day event was a great opportunity to meet the owners, as well as to check live how their products look like. In addition, anyone interested could ask questions and learn a little more about the details of how orchard fireworks work.
There was a lot of interest in the products we were offering. Despite the restrictions and limitations caused by the pandemic, we had a lot of visitors who wanted to know more about the parameters and details of the device and did not hesitate to ask many questions. What conclusions did we draw from the fair?

Above all, customers appreciated the variety of products

Having become acquainted with the needs of many fruit growers some time ago, we decided to introduce a number of different fireplace variants. In this way, we prepared ourselves to meet the needs of every fruit and vegetable grower.
We took into account both the customer’s planned budget and a number of other factors. The expected burning time, the workmanship, the stability of the equipment or its protection against unfavourable weather conditions all played an important role.
Keeping all these factors in mind, we have suggested a very cheap proposal made of black metal sheet, or a slightly more durable and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel sheet. However, if we want the best value for money in terms of quality and durability, then the popularly known “Kwasówka”, i.e. a fireplace made of acid-resistant sheet metal will be ideal.
Many customers from abroad liked the most expensive proposal, namely the heat-resistant sheet. They have noticed the top quality of the sheet metal and, consequently, the many years of use of the fireplace.

The ease of operation and comfort of use was also a big surprise to visitors

Many people interested in our products also noticed the simplicity of the solution. Easy to transport, quick to set up and trivial to load or to light the cooker. All of this makes for a very easy to use appliance that will not cause problems, faults or breakdowns before the frost.
Several factors influence the above attributes. First and foremost, professional colleagues have pointed out the carrying handles, which make it much easier to set up the fireplaces – even after loading. The use of canopies is certainly an additional advantage. Although this is an additional option, it can extend the already very long burning time by another hour.

Establishing cooperation with foreign and local customers
A positive effect of participation in the fair was the establishment of cooperation with several foreign companies. We were also pleasantly surprised by the increasing interest of Polish manufacturers in our product.
We are therefore starting the year 2022 with a successful presentation of our products and services, which also includes the possibility of equipping interested fruit growers with peat briquettes. This is an essential material for obtaining the declared burning time.
The very good reception of Termosad fireplaces by the visitors is only a confirmation of the growing popularity of this product for frost protection, which is used both in Poland and abroad.