About us


Who are we?

Thermosad is an initiative that started because of the needs of our own farm. We are a multi-generational producer of cherries. We are located in an orchard basin. However, it is worth noting that the problems we face are many. One of the most troublesome issues on our farm, which keeps us up at night every year, is spring frost. 

They cause very large losses in the quality and quantity of the crop. Most Polish fruit growers have to reckon with the fact that temperatures below zero degrees Celsius can lead to damage to the flower bud, so that fertilisation does not take place. 

It is therefore necessary to ensure the highest quality of the crop and to be sure that the entire production process is carried out in an artful manner. To do this and not to worry about prematurely falling buds, we decided to take action. This is how we started the adventure of finding the perfect solution against “cold gardeners”. 

The problem of fighting frost in orchards as an impulse for action 

In order to obtain the best possible results, we first tried to use products which are now widely available on the market. We are talking about all sorts of products or preparations that act as growth promoters.

Unfortunately, such solutions proved to be temporary and not very effective. The hope of protecting the crop came through the use of water, foggers or fuel heaters. The options were different. None of the options guaranteed the effectiveness we hoped for. 

Paraffin candles proved to be a very good solution. Using this method of protection in the orchard, we noticed that a constant heat output in the plantation during frost was the key to success. However, the problem was economics, or rather the complete lack of it.

For this reason we decided to look for a solution elsewhere. This is when we decided to develop our own device, which, after the first tests, gave us hope of achieving effective frost protection.

Concerned about the quality of our products

By trial and error

The development of Termosad’s flagship product was not, however, easy and strewn with roses. Year after year, the so-called “Cold Spring” made its presence felt and unfortunately led to the freezing of many flower buds and buds with good results. In order to minimise this, we decided to focus on developing our own idea – the Thermosad device. Namely, these are orchard fireplaces. Their construction and operation are actually quite simple, so what was the problem initially?

Originally, we didn’t know exactly what proportions would prove most beneficial in order to achieve the longest possible burning time. After the first tests, it turned out that the working time of the fireplace was only 2-3 hours. This is nothing compared to the all-night temperature drops in April or May. In addition, logistical issues made it effectively impossible to keep the fireplaces going. Refuelling at night every 2-3 hours is not exactly ideal either.

That’s why we looked for a way to extend this time. This was achieved by adapting the design and construction, as well as the materials used in the fireplace. What’s more, matching the right fuel also played a key role. At first, solutions such as wood briquettes and sawdust were tested. Even wood itself fed our product for a while. 

Unfortunately, these proposals burned quickly and were not economical enough in the long run. So in order to improve this aspect, we looked at other alternatives. This is when we used peat briquette for power. It turned out to be one of the best options in terms of economics, i.e. the quality and ‘calorific value’ of this fuel. What is more, it surprised us with its long operating time.

We are Termosad – the answer to the needs of fruit growers struggling with frosts

The offered orchard fireplace has been successfully coping with frost for over 3 years. A multitude of satisfied customers confirms not only the effectiveness of the proposal, but also the excellent economy. Our aim is to adapt to the customer and satisfy everyone’s expectations.

This is why we can extend our custom-made products or supplement them with various sheet qualities. All this to meet the requirements of both customers expecting the highest class of workmanship and quality and those whose budget is a bit more limited.

As far as possible, every customer receives the same attention and the same amount of time from us. This shows that, despite our small tenure in the market, we take the business seriously and the needs of all our colleagues are important to us. Termosad’s services come from and are aimed at fruit growers. The product has been prepared by people who themselves have struggled with the problem of frost. We know very well how devastating a few days’ temperature drops can be and now we know how to defend against them effectively.