Frost protection fireplace manufacturer introduces NEW for 2022!

Several nights of frost last season were extremely severe. Fruit growers had to cope with temperatures as low as -7 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, with only 200 fireboxes per hectare, it was possible to fully protect the crop from damage. A very important issue related to the proper use of Termosad product is their correct placement. There are several proven and recommended methods, although the best solution for each customer will be to find the golden mean for themselves and their orchard. The Thermosad fireplace is offered in several variants and adapted to each customer’s budget:

  • Boiler sheet fireplace ;
  • Stainless steel fireplace;
  • Acid resistant sheet metal fireplace;
  • Molybdenum fireplace.

A budget proposal would be a fireplace made of boiler sheet, whose durability oscillates around 2-3 years. On the other hand, stainless steel will be a bit more durable and here we can count on resistance for 3-4 years. Another material from which fireplaces are manufactured is acid-resistant sheet metal. The durability of such a solution is from 8 to 10 years. The molybdenum fireplace, on the other hand, is an offer intended for people who expect the highest class of workmanship and the highest quality. The durability declared by the manufacturer is over 10 years.

Cheaper versions have appeared mainly for owners who want to effectively protect their plantations despite a limited budget. The maximum waiting time for an order is 3 weeks. The most popular offer is the fireplace made of acid-resistant sheet metal.

In addition to the sale of the fireplaces themselves, customers also expected help with the purchase of fuel. Therefore, the offer was also extended by peat briquette, i.e. the fuel needed to achieve high effectiveness of protection against frost. In order to meet the customers’ expectations, we supply recommended material of appropriate quality.
In addition, our offer also includes canopies for fireplaces. They are made of similar materials as the offered fireplaces. The canopies have two main functions. First of all, they protect fireplaces against rain and general dampness. This kind of aura often accompanies frost. In addition, the canopy is able to slightly delay the burning process and thus increase the working time of the fireplace.

Termosad is very popular both locally and abroad. Our cooperation is expanding every year, not only with foreign fruit growers, but also with intermediary sales companies. Thanks to this our products are also available on foreign markets.

Many fruit growers were sceptical about the claimed performance, so they decided to equip themselves with trial quantities of the product to protect, for example, a hectare. The intense frosts that plagued fruit growers last season led everyone to believe that the fireplaces could indeed provide reliable, long-lasting and economical protection.

In order to bring the product closer to a wider audience, we decided to launch a website. You can find there a lot of data about fireplaces. There are also updates showing the operation of the product, its handling and effects of work. What is more, we supplemented the website with all the necessary information. The contact form to purchase the product, contact to us, as well as the history of the company or a detailed product description are just some of the interesting news waiting for those interested.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer or meet us and our product in person, we encourage you to visit our stand at the TSW trade fair to be held on 12-13 January. See you there!