Fireplace for orchard Termosad

We offer orchard fireplaces – essential products for protecting plants from frost.

Manufacturer of frost protection fireplaces

Several nights of frost last season were extremely severe. Fruit growers had to cope with temperatures as low as -7 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, with only 200 fireplaces per hectare, it was possible to fully protect the crop from damage…

About the product

The orchard fireplace is a product created with fruit growers in mind. Effective against frost, economical, simple and cheap to use. 

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How to order a product?

If you would like to place an order with our company, you can do so in four ways:

By phone at +48 605 244 415 or +48 725 467 403
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Meet us

Thermosad is an initiative that started because of the needs of our own farm. We are a multi-generational producer of cherries. We are located in an orchard basin. However, it is worth noting that the problems we face are many. One of the most troublesome issues on our farm, and one that keeps us up at night every year, is spring frost. 

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+48 605 244 415 or +48 725 467 403


The company’s headquarters

05-660 Warka, Opożdżew 29 Poland